The Yellow train - Pyrenees Oriental - France

These are the main times for the Yellow train between Villefranche and Mont-Louis.Please allow another 90 minutes if you are going on to Latour de Carol.

Train jaune au départ de Villefranche 9h05- 10h05- 13h30- 17h25- 18h25
Train de retour au départ de Mont-Louis 9h35- 10h40- 15h40- 17h02- 17h55
duré du parcours villefranche -Mont-Louis 1h30

We planned to take the Yellow Train from Villefranche at 9 am.We arrived at 8.25 a.m. in the last week of July. There was already a substantial queue for the one till...and because people were paying by credit card it takes time! Return for the whole trip on the Train Jaune is 33 Euros per person.

The parking at the station costs 2 Euro's a day and you will need to have the change ready.The main SCNF train from Perpignan will arrive at around 8.50 am. It arrives between the station and the platform with the yellow it helps in the rush if you are on the platform before this.As soon as the new arrivals climbed down and started to board the Yellow Train...well the there was a rush to get the best seats on the open carriage. But what you need to remember is that each open seat will take 5 adults and 1 child dont be afraid to push in. if you do not some one will at a later station.The first 30 minutes or so was in the shade and quite bring a cardigan.The trains is surprisingly fast and you get little time to be terrified by the drops.It is well worth taking water and a picnic. When you get to Latour de is just a terminus. Nothing else. Just a railway station and a tourist office. Is the last leg from Mont Louis to La Tour worth it? Definitely. The Alpine meadows are superb and the views truly panoramic.

The Yellow train is also called the "yellow canary". 

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